💜 Here are all my little comforters !!! The little skrunklies ... the onglydooples ... the tiepnsies ... the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs 💜

💜 VOSIM is my main comforter and the character I think about a lot - sometimes I can't control this, especially when I'm having my moments or if I'm super stressed !! All the drawings containing my OC(s) snuggling up with VOSIM is entirely platonic - this is my way of coping with my mental health !! To put it simply, I'm just a kid who copes by thinking about a spoon headed android ^__^ 💜

charas in order: vosim, pearl, marie, miku, gudetama, delphox, eevee, tari, bert gotrax

💜 And here's some characters I FUCKING love as well ^__^ 💜

charas in order: dandy 704, pedro, dee klatt, fennekin, hello kitty, wish me mell, callie, ena, cinnamoroll

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